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Saturday, January 23, 2010

writing in the dark

"Stealing is a bad word" noted the blog beauty that blogged down a cool sentence today that I wanted to use. She said that I could take the line, as long as I credit her. So here ya go, Cas. Here's the credit. One of my favs wrote this very true statement, that I just had to post here. It wrote "A blog is a best friend you find withing yourself who is always there to listen and look at your pretty pictures"

I dug it.

I'm writing in the dark. Couldn't sleep. Sober weekend. Didn't do anything this weekend. Home. Slept. Painted. Ate. Played around with the nephew. Nothing too exciting. Except for playing with my nephew. That got tiring. It's nice to have a alone weekend once in a while. It's nice to be able to wake up not smelling like booze and trying to cure a hangover. It's nice to feel alive. These are the types of weekends where I get creative and let my thoughts take me places where I never been or haven't been for a long time.

That's what happened to me tonight.

I was in my bed. Laying there. Eyes open. Couldn't sleep. My mind wondered to different places. Thinking about how this year could be That Year where everything happens. There's already one thing in motion that could be happening. I told you about that a couple of weeks back. Now, there could be something else. I just sent a note to someone. While in bed, I thought of something that I forgot was there. Then, my idea bulb came on. It came on bright. All over my head. One idea followed by another followed by another. I think it was the coffee but mostly, I think that I was allowing it to be there. Not afraid I won't forget it in the morning.

I like days like this. When I feel so alive and excited that I have to get up head down stairs and write down all my thoughts and ideas and dreams on my blog. In the dark.