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Friday, January 29, 2010

exclusive: peter's project: a chat with peter project

When I heard about Peter Project's album that was inside a bar of soup, I thought it was pretty rad. I mean, who else has done that? It was a Fresh type of an idea that got me interested on what Peter had to rap about. I looked more into his project and saw some familiar names. Toronto female emcee queen Masia One, rhyme kicker, More or Less and The Wordburglar were all credited on the release.

I recently threw Peter some questions. Here's how the exclusive interview went down:

Shane Fame: How did you come up with the marketing behind the tape? Bar of soap? That's pretty cool.

Peter: The tape was just a daydream I had while walking to work the summer of '99. Originally. That tape was pretty stupid. I was 19 and learning how to use a 4-track. I just called it The Lolo Project for no good reason other than it sounded funny. It was literally a bunch of songs about burping, garlic and cheese, and other weird stuff. Totally early Ween idiocy that I wanted to release, but didn't want to accept responsibility for. Originally I wanted to bury them throughout Halifax with a little flag sticking up with instructions to dig. But that seemed too hard. So a couple of friends and I drove around Halifax one afternoon and ditched them in Public washrooms. Subway, The Great Taste, The Green Bean, most of those places are long since gone.

The Soap started off as a bit of a joke. I'd played a string of shows where I'd noticed night after night, there would often be that post dance party stink in the air. So Maria, who runs FuzzyLogic and I started joking about the idea of releasing a bar of soap, which lead to the idea. It was a total train of thought joke at the time, and frankly I'd sort of forgotten about it. Maria called me up one day and was like "your soap is almost ready, how the music coming?" And I'd totally forgotten we'd even had the conversation. So then I had to kick it into high gear and write a bunch of music in a really short amount of time. It's the first time I've done anything like that. But definitely not the last. I really think that CDs are a total wast of space, plastic and paper. They're done and over. So why not make something people A-WANT to buy, and B-Can actually use once they buy it?

SFA:What made you choose the people you did to appear on this project?

P:Wordburglar, More or Les, and Masia One both appeared on my first album. That's actually how I met them, and we're pretty good friends now. Wordburglar and I both grew up in Halifax, and played on the same baseball team when we were 12. We sort of knew each other, but weren't friends. I do remember him talking about "Lobo" (a sadistic DC comic character) and me thinking he was pretty cool. I stalked Les for a while. I actually staked out one of his DJ nights to meet him and give him some beats. And Masia One I met through a mutual friend.

Anyway, they're all great MCs, and all have totally different styles. I've become pretty good friends with Wordburglar and Les, so they're always around, and we work together fairly regularly.

For this EP, I didn't want to just make a Hip-hop release. I feel like my first CD did that. I was really into 90s stuff when I did it, so I wanted to push this a bit more to be something else. So I got really into the idea of Laura coming in and contributing something. Same with Maylee. Again, Maylee and I eat sushi like 4 times a week, so we're always throwing ideas around.

SFA:Any shows coming up? Anything else to plug?

P:Nothing now. My "real" job is writing music for TV/Film/Video games. So when I'm doing that I have to black out entire months when I can't play cause I just don't have time. Right now I'm working on a TV pilot, and then Season 3 of Durham County till early Spring. So hopefully then I'll do another tour.

As for plugging. I wrote a bunch of music for a PS3 game called Modnation Racers, coming out this spring. It's probably some of the coolest music I've written. Also, keep your ears peeled for Maylee Todd's solo album, coming out this spring on Do Right (I think!?). I dropped some keys on it. I think it's going to blow peoples mind. Same with the new Meligrove record. My room mate Mike plays bass with the Meligrove Band, and I've been hearing the mixes for the last year. It's phenomenal. Lastly, a Remix I did for Times Nueu Roman is getting release this spring. Check that out.

SFA: How can people get the tape?

P: You can't (thank god!) but you can get the soap in various Toronto based music stores, or online through Fuzzy Logic.

SFA: Any more projects in the works?

P: Yea, I'm about to start production on the Sport's: The Band full length which I'm really excited about. I did their E.P., and it was one of the funnest projects I've worked on. So this will be cool. I'm trying to get some beats together for More or Les' next LP.

SFA: Who are some of your fav emcee's that inspired you? Anyone locally?

P: Honestly, My fav local MCs are on my record! Though, I'd love to work with Timbuktu, and I've been pestering Abdominal for years. Those guys are awesome