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Thursday, December 3, 2009

soul food..

Artistic minded. Boxed in. Feels like it, at least. Need. Need to expand. Move on. Bombard the outer world. Outside of the box. Always. Need. Need to expand. Visual artistic bombardment from the soul, I'll call it. The artistic movement. Going to happen. It's going to be abstract ideas from the inside. Inside the body. Soul food. Eating creative ideas and divulging them to make my mind full. Happy. Content. Artistically sound. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner and a Snack thrown in there once in a while. An apple a day keeps the creative doctor away. Yeah. I know. It's flu season. Won't get sick because I rise above. Above the others who don't use creative minded ideas. Bombard the outer world. Need to. Need to expand. Artistic minded.