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Sunday, November 22, 2009

members swollen

Back in the late 90's, Canada had a very promising underground Hip Hop scene. Some stars stepped up their game and made a name for themselves while keeping true to the art form. See K-OS. However, others who released awesome Hip Hop albums off an indie self-managed record label, got too caught up in the rap game and fell off.

This makes me sad.

See Swollen Members.

While working with REMG, we brought down the trio (pre-Moka days) to do two shows. One in London and one in Toronto. I became the group's street promo guy for Toronto. Handled all the Battleaxe merch here and handed out various flyers for the label. Good job because I believed in their music. They were Hip Hop. Along the way, I started to get less and less stuff from them. One day, it just ended. Nothing more. Over the years, I noticed how the music of the group has gone down hill. And now, I've noticed that they group has snuck to a all time low on hearing the release of their new album, Armed To The Teeth.

The group has obviously lost all creativity and gone the safer route to make music. Grabbing onto the latest trend and doing the same thing they're doing down south. Including using Auto-tunes. Shame.

I never like writing stories like this - especially about a group that I know - or should I say, knew and most importantly, negative artifices about Canadian talent. Yes. Talent. They did have that at one time. Now, it looks like they've become the dreaded sheep that's making our culture look back to the uneducated onlookers.

Sad story on what happens to good people when they get caught up in the rap game.

Hey. At least Moka never sold out.