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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sometimes, progression makes me sad

It's been a while. Sorry folks. Over the weekend I got my internet working again. My computer is still messed, but at least I can get on the interweb and update my blog. The week sans 'puter was pretty hard. I realized how much we really do rely on technology. Cells, digital this and digital that. I don't think it's sad, really. It's progression. As we grow so does our mediums to get our voices heard. However it's sad that we can't still rely on the other ways to communicate. When was the lat time you wrote a letter and actually mailed it? Yeah. Me too. When was the last time you texted someone sitting at the same table? Last week? Yesterday? Just now. Yeah. I do that, too. Hate it, but I do. Sometimes, it's just needed. It's the new way to tell a secret. So does this mean that as time goes on, or as progression goes down its road, the art of speaking will be gone, too? Huh. I hope not. Maybe in years to come, we will miss the days when we sent an e-mail or a text message or even when we wrote a blog and informed our friends about our computer troubles. I'm afraid for the future but thankful that my world is back to normal.