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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

vmt: keeping ya head up

Here's another VMT. My virtual mixtape of collected tracks where I look at some obscure and popular joints and dig in the crates to educate the listener by exposing where the beats came from or some type of history of the track. Sometimes, when I'm done writing and can't do anything else creative to express my current feelings, I turn to Hip Hop to make it all better. This edition will be dedicated to tracks that inspired me. However, I'm going to take it a step further and look at the samples that inspired the song. Hope you enjoy. Let's go.

Maybe Tomorrow - The Jackson Five
All I Got Is You - Ghostface Killah
All I Got Is You pt 2 - Raekwon feat Big Bub
The Four Elements - Looptroop feat Arsonists
The Champ - The Mohawks
Step Into A World - Krs One
Stay Real - Eric Sermon
I Used to Love H.E.R. - Common
The Changing World - George Benson
I Can't Stand the Rain - Ann Peebles
Memories Live - Reflection Eternal
Stakes Is High - De La Soul
Mind Power - James Brown
Proceed - The Roots
Stressed Out - A Tribe Called Quest
Excursions - A Tribe Called Quest
Time - The Last Poets
Fight the Power - Public Enemy
What You See Is What You Get - Dramatics
Hey Young World - Slick Rick
I Can - Nas
Impeach the President - The Honeydrippers