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Thursday, September 24, 2009

school trips to elora gorge

The first few weeks of school was always exciting at Waldorf. Actually, it was always exciting at Waldorf. Especially when you got to the High School. Something is always happening. Being it a class play, camping, dances, fairs, or just special days we were always looking forward to something. The first thing the High Schoolers looked forward to in the school year was the initiation trip. This was a trip to welcome the grade nine’s to upper school life. Since the High School was pretty small, the students ended up hanging out with everyone. Well. At least when I was there. We had pals in every class practically. Therefore, a trip where all the High School students go on was a lot of fun. The initiation trip was a three day event. The first day we caught a play during the Stratford Festival. Some type of Shakespearean tale in which most of us either slept through or never payed attention to.
I think the teachers did the same, but they didn’t make too obvious.
Then the fun started. We got back on the bus and headed north to Elora Gorge where we spent the remainder of the days camping. The trip for the grade 10s and 11s were basically dull. Nothing really to do except to hike and maybe head to the city for a quick bite of some non-camping grub. This trip was really for the grade 12 class as they set up some kind of hair brain scheme to evoke fear into the young grade nine tots. This was fun to see. I wasn’t there for my grade nine initiation. Which I wish I went on. However, I was there for when I initiated a good friend of mine. We scared the bejesus out of them. The day started off with the class teaming up with their grade nine buddy and leading them to this dark part of the Gorge all the while holding this huge stick that was on fire. We got to a small part of the lake and formed a circle. We started to hum. It seemed like a huge cult’ish ceremony for warlocks or gnomes. It was creepy. The plan worked.
We then headed over to the lake where we had set up a little obstacle course for them. In the water. By the end of the day, they were still in awe of the cultish ceremony and were very wet.
All in the name of Waldorf High School love.
The three day excursion pretty much set the course for the year. It brought people together and friendships were made stronger. It gave a chance to bring the high school closer together. It was also a great way to show your teachers your real self. You as a person. Outside of the classroom atmosphere. This unique getaway is one of the uniqueness’ that Waldorf Education brings to the table that is so appreciated that isn’t offered by the public school system. It’s a small thing, but it’s a nice thing.
Memories for those three days in the bushes stay with all of us years after graduation. And because of it, makes us appreciate the education and our High School years that much more