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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It's always nice to know that someone else you really like knows what you're going through. Not even if it's exactly what you're going through. They understand. It's nice to know someone out there is connected with you. Even if it's through the interweb. Fellow beautiful blogger, Casie Stewart recently hurt her back. When I told her about my knee. She know how it feels to feel trapped and helpless and stressed that this pain will never go away. For a while there, it all felt better. Like it was worth going through this pain. Like myself, Casie is trying to overcome her pain through her writing. Getting everything out jotted down so it's not bottled up inside while the pain lurks around the spine and other internal organs. I feel connected with her. She made me feel better. Good luck with the X-Rays today, Casie. I'll be thinking about you.