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Monday, September 28, 2009

blah. word of the day

Blah is the word of the day. It's the fall. Every year. Starts this time of the year. I get emo. Nothing is really wrong. Things could be better, but not really anything is That wrong for me to feel this way. It's the weather. It's S.A.D. Seasonal something or the other Disorder. Felt it the most this morning when I was waiting for the teachers to open the doors at school. I felt my stomach fall a few inches and my head starting to hurt. The rain. The temperature. The season. It's starting. I'll have it till May. Back in the day, my sister did a project. She didn't tell my father, her boyfriend at the time or myself that she was studying us for a couple of months. Seems like every few weeks, we get in these moods. From her findings, guys too get PMS. Funny, huh? I'm not surprised. Ends up that we do get our mood swings every twenty-odd some days. Maybe it's that just on overdrive. Feels like it. Was at school for five hours today and was about to stay until I got a project done. Couldn't. Started to get these major chest aches. Head started to hurt. Had to leave. Felt better as soon as I got on the main street on the way home. Environment. Weather. Stress. All building up. Blah.