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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1010 dumps cfrb

Sad news from from this mornings Toronto Sun...

As part of the overhaul of the station, the call letters are gone, to be replaced by Newstalk 1010.

If you like history, you may not like this one.

The letters date back to 1927, and stood for Canada's First Radio Batteryless, for the radio tube Edward S. Rogers, father of Ted Rogers, invented that increased the popularity of broadcasting.

But, as one source said, changes were due.

Turns out CFRB isn't broadcasting the way it used to. The station used to command Canada's largest listening audience. The latest ratings -- under the new and still being refined PPM metering system -- has them down in 10th place.

Rival AM 640, with John Oakley in the morning, has surpassed the big boy on the block, and a refreshment was in order.

After firing hosts Michael Coren and the Motts, the next shoe is dropping.

Starting Oct. 5, Bill Carroll is out as morning man, the top position for a radio host. He moves to 9 a.m. The new guy on the morning hot seat is John Moore.

John Tory's trial on Sunday nights is over. He's been promoted to afternoon drive host. Jim Richards moves to the 1 p.m. slot.

The other big change is call-in segments, a staple of talk radio, will play a lesser role on the station, as the hosts get a chance to stretch their voices.

CFRB -- or is that Newstalk 1010 -- managers declined comment.


It's only a nickel -- it's just so damn ridiculous.

Every time I go grab a bite to eat at the St. Lawrence Market and opt for Chinese food or pasta, my meal is handed to me in a styrofoam container.

That container is a temporary, "use once, toss immediately" vehicle for my food.

It, of course, is free.

But if I want to carry it back to the office in a plastic bag, that luggage costs me 5 cents.

That nickel bag could then go on to line my garbage can, carry my stuff, be used over and over again.

Little is reused as much as a plastic bag. But, now that plastic bags aren't handed out as readily, I'm forced to buy Glad garbage bags for my green bin, garbage cans, and to line the baby's diaper pail.

Am I paying a nickel surcharge on each of those?

Explain to me again how this makes sense?


Spotted in Toronto yesterday, on University Ave., just before lunch, by Global TV's Queen's Park correspondent Sean Mallen?

Michael Bryant.

On a bike.