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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

home for a rest..

I've partied way too much in the past few weeks. Birthday parties, trying to just enjoy the summer type of parties, parties just to party parties. Relaxing mid-week parties. I've consumed way too much. I've done too much of other stuff, too. It's home for a rest. I'm going to take this week off. No smoking. No alcohol. No nothing. Just me and my healthy foods along with a bunch of rest and some exercise added in there for good measure. Today, being my Veggie Day, I had a fruit waffle for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Been drinking water the whole day. I actually also had some tea this morning. It's day two of this detox thing and I feel healthier. Cleaner. I'm going to try to do this more. I don't do detox weeks as much as I should. Maybe I can make this a two week thing. Most likely not, but I think it's good I'm doing it now. I would like to add some meditation into my weeks schedule. I think it would make me reconnect with myself after a wild, stressful, busy and hectic few weeks. We'll see.