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Sunday, August 16, 2009

the highway dream

I haven't wrote about dreams in a while. Thought I would write this one down that I had last night. It was an odd one.

I'm at my house preparing for something. I think someone is coming over. I'm cooking. Cleaning, making sure everything is just right. I forget something. I go into the garage and get into the backseat of a car. No one is driving, but I'm moving. Moving really fast. I think we're heading to the mall. I forget something. We have to turn back. But I scream to myself that the car isn't moving fast enough. I get out. I'm walking the shoulder of the highway. The DVP in Toronto. I'm walking real fast. I go through this huge tunnel trying not to be hit by a car. As I'm walking I see a family pull over on the shoulder. I wonder if they want to give me a lift. No. They all get out of their car. They seem drunk. They're all going to the washroom in the bushes.

I wake up.