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Monday, July 6, 2009

'rb, ez rock to have jackson coverage tuesday

This morning, I was listening to Mike Stafford filling in for John Oakley on 640 Toronto. In the last hour they were asking if the station should host Michael Jackson's memorial service tomorrow starting at 1pm. Most of callers said No. Stafford said it was due to the audience the station attracts. Middle aged men into hockey and the garbage strike, don't like Jackson, I guess. Stafford said it was more for the Mad Dog and Billie crowd. Well, It seems like Stafford hit it on the nose, almost. CFRB and EZ-Rock who are the sister stations to Mad Dog and Billie's Virgin Radio, will be hosting the memorial service starting at 1pm.

Thus far these are the only radio stations in Toronto that will be playing the Jackson extravaganza. If you're at home will you want to listen to CFRB or EZ Rock for the Toronto perspective or would you still tune into the American networks for the coverage?