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Thursday, July 2, 2009

my old puma jacket

It gets a bit cold in my house sometimes. Usually late at night. After dinner, it's become a habit of mine to look around my house for a sweater to put on before I head to my bedroom for the night. Last night I couldn't find a sweater, but I found this old red, white and blue Puma zip-up jacket that must've been bought in the early 90s. Still fits. Very cozy. I was rocking it around the house today. I passed a mirror in my house. Noticed that man, this jacket still looks good on me. And it's still looks good - in that old school vintage kind of way. Adidas and Doc Martens have always been my favorite for shoe comfort but when it comes to light zip-ups, I have to go with Puma. They also make great shoes, but I love their jackets even more.