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Thursday, July 23, 2009

dynomighty design...

Dynomighty Design established in 2002 seeks to create a vibrant array of products to complement and accentuate the modern urban lifestyle with the designs of Terrence Kelleman. His whimsical and innovative designs spark fascination and inspiration in their users. He aims to create new takes on old products and foster completely alternative views of traditional concepts.

Having started with only 5 jewelry designs the success of Dynomighty Design, inc. quickly grew in response to and in anticipation of customer demand. Today Dynomighty Design sells to more than 300 stores across the USA and internationally and we have the Exclusive rights to US Patent #4,687,463 for all link-less magnetic jewelry bound only by magnetic force. Dynomighty has also expanded its line of eco-friendly consumer products including the Mighty Wallet, Mighty Tote and Mighty Tags.

Dynomighty seeks to educate and impact people with products that influence their lives and perceptions. We want you to reach out and touch the products, play, learn and discover. We want to achieve this with simplicity of materials and economy of design. The best product ideas are often the simplest ones. Products that have a simple use of materials and an elegant solution of form and function stand out in the marketplace, spark consumer interest and create demand.