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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

damn. streek. dead.

I was never really close with Martin Streek. I met him once. Great guy. He told me that I should build up my muscles and stuff. I went to his show maybe twice. It's another radio solder who has fallen. He's gone. Another guy who got the game has left us. There's not a lot of us left. The guys who get what radio is supposed to be about. What it should be about. In a time when radio is surrounded with upper management that have no experience in the craft and think that IT will work because some dude from Cali said it worked in San Fran, Streek knew how radio really did work. How it should work.

What I would like to say to my radio comrades is this and I realized this soon after Tom Rivers passed away. We're lucky enough to be able to listen to their voices whenever we miss them. I remember months after Tom passed, I would listen to my demo tape I had with Riv that his widow Nanci Krant sent me, over and over and over again. Studying everything he would say. There's some jokes Tom said on that tape from 89 that I still use today. That's the great thing about radio. Our legends never really die. They live on. Through us.

Through tapes. Through our memories. Our thoughts. But most of all, our love.

There's a video of Streek's show he was producing floating around. Keep it. Charish it. Love it. Watch it when you miss him.

I know I do that with Tom. Damn. That tape I have of him and I must be worn out by now. It was from 89, afterall. But I would never give it up for the world. It's the last piece of history I have. A great history. A last piece of a friendship that lasted more than a decade.

Streek will live on forever through his demos and your memories.

Cherish them.