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Monday, June 15, 2009

it's only my 31st after all..

My 31st is coming up. Next month. July 14th to be exact. With less than a month away, I'm trying to make a wish list. I'm pretty sure I can upgrade my phone this year that's why I'm going to bite the bullet and get a blackberry. Debating between the Blackberry Curve 8330 and the LG Rumour. I would also like a nice working camera where I can actually take some professional looking photos and maybe work more on my photography. I would also like some canvas and paint. Watercolor, please. I've been using a replacement MP3 player so maybe a new player. Don't worry about the headphones. They're working fine. Umm..What else? Clothes? Sure. I really do need new sneakers. My Docs are getting old. I would also like to have someone buy me tickers for De La in August and maybe a cool night out or a trip to Niagra this summer. Something cool like that. I'm not picky at all. I'm not going to ask for the lottery.

It's only my 31st after all.

I think I mentioned all the big and important stuff I would love for my birthday. Everything else would be gravy like maybe new ink for my printer or some new hats or t-shirts or money, even. There's a couple of wrestling DVD's I would like, too.

I just love birthdays. You can tell how selfish people truly are. I'm just trying to get stuff that I would love and appreciate and also kinda need. Not being too selfish.

It's only my 31st after all.

I would like my parents to take over my bills for a couple of months. That would be excellent. I would be the most greatful son ever. Really, I would. I do have a month to plan, but I'm sure it's a good time to start planning.

Planning for the Big 31st.