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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

haivng fun with firefox 3.5

All day I've been noticing Firefox has come out with a new version. I was trying to avoid downloading it, as I know I usually get carried away with such nonsensical internet toys. However, I finally bit the bullet and caved.


I downloaded a bunch of the nifty add-ons - which really make this new version stand out more from the last - or any other browser, really. There's a few cool gadgets to play with.

Thanks to the new Firefox, I now can update my Facebook and Twitter account from my address bar. I can make a blog entry (like this one) from anywhere by using a quick post feature where a little square box appears whenever I hit F8 and it will automatically post it on my blog for me.

How Nice.

There's a couple of cool new personalization tools which come in handy and for my browser wallpaper. I chose this really nice white and black one with black and silver headphones lying to the right of the screen.

Cool, Huh?

Do you remember those time when you first learned about the other stuff that's lurking around the internet? Your Mother would find out what you were looking at or searching for late at night while she was sleeping? Well, now thanks to the new Firefox, you can hide or make all your work that day, that hour or the last few minutes disappear for good! Now, it's safe to roam the internet to check out the latest perverted sites and no one in your household will be the wiser.

Firefox doesn't seem faster (even though they do say it is) or much different from the previous version, but because of these cool new inventions for the tech geek, it's a pretty cool free investment.