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Thursday, June 11, 2009

fights and winding stairs

I had a dream last night. Half of it made sense. The other half didn't.

I'm walking down a winding staircase. It's not ending. It seems like I've been walking and stepping down forever. I'm afraid I'm going to fall so I hold on the railing very tight trying to watch my step. The stairs are old. Seems like they were made over a thousand years ago. I finally get to the bottom when I arrive at a really nice contemporary office building. It's busy. I walk into an office and sit down by my computer. My friend Simon is sitting beside me. We're sharing a desk space. It's not leaving a lot of elbow room. I'm trying to design something. Every time I try to move my mouse, I hit Simon's arm. I try to tell him to move over. He doesn't. He continues to yell at me. We get into a fight. He's going in for a punch when I wake up.