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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

dream dream dreamin'..

Here are a couple of dreams I've had recently..

I'm sitting in my living room and I see my pack of cigarettes on my table. I'm watching some type of television show. Don't really remember. I then realize my mother is coming home soon so I look for somewhere to hide my smokes. Looking everywhere. But nothing is good enough. She'll look there, I think to myself while I continue to run around the house looking for a hiding spot. I then decide to go upstairs and hide them under my bed. Why? I don't know. As I walk upstairs, my mom enters the house. I awake.

Here's another from Sunday.

I'm in a hiding spot under a bridge in downtown Toronto, playing cards with a friend from high school. We're chatting. Catching up. Drinking lemon tea and eating hot dogs. Just enjoying a nice day. Not too sure why we are under a bridge playing cards, but it seems like we're visiting someone's home. There's a bad there, fridge, stove, the whole nine yards. We're continuing to play cards when I bend down and find some spray paint. I pick up the paint and go over to this wall that's already covered by some nice art. I start to paint over it and starting making this piece dedicated to some abstract person I can't really make out. The body is all mumbled and each body part is in a different shape not connecting to the previous body part. It doesn't make any sense. The piece is coming out really nice. My friend walks over and we joins me in painting this abstract portrait. We're talking and laughing and drinking. Our tea turned into beer. We're suddenly smoking hash. We feel like we're hippies at an all love art rally in the 60's. Good times.

I wake up.