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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the white light dream

I went to bed at around 11pm tonight. I just woke back up half hour ago due to a nightmare. Well, not really. Just a shocking dream, I guess. Couldn't get back to sleep. Came downstairs and now I'm munching on Cracker Jacks and drinking Ice Tea. Here's the dream.

I'm in a car with my father and some lady. Never met her before. I'm on my phone checking out Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and others. I'm also texting a couple of friends. We arrive at a park. We sit down on a bench and start to have lunch. Everything is ok when I'm the middle of sending a text to a friend when I fall unconscious. I hear things going around me. My Dad and the lady yelling for me to wake up. I can't. The only thing I can do is move my arm. I try to text a note to my father. It says to call an ambulance. My Dad tells me that he already did. I come to. I have this really bad dizzy sensation. I see white lights at the side of my head shaped in a circle. Looks like I'm poking through a giant white circle. I then feel weak and my head collapses onto the table. I try to lift it up. I grab my fathers hand like I need a tag in a wrestling tag team match. I fall back unconscious. My father squeezes my hand and I come to. The ambulance arrives. They put me on a stretcher. I fall back unconscious.

I wake up.