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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

music to my dreams dream

A few cool dreams last night. All the dreams had a sountrack of different types of music that I've been listening to for the past few weeks. The dreams were like a music video. It's not like the songs were playing on my stereo while I was sleeping because I remember nothing being on. I took off both the tele and the radio. Anyway, here the three of them.

The first dream was to the track MGMT's Time To Pretend. I wake up from my bed and I put on my bedroom lights. I notice I'm really hot. Sweating in fact. I take off my sweater and open up the window blinds. It's nice out. I decide to go somewhere for breakfast. I walk slowly downstairs and pick out my clothes. I have a whole room full of clothing. Top to Bottom. Side to side. Cloths are everywhere. I can't decided. I look around and see this cool t-shirt. It's dark blue with a bunch of paint blotches on it. I decide to wear that with my black jeans. I go upstairs to take a shower. I go into the washroom and look for a razor. I notice that these are new razors I never used before. I start to shave. The razor is the sharpest razor I ever used. It's leaving my skin nice and smooth. I think to myself that I can shave like this all the time. I start shaving everywhere else. I'm loving it. I go take a shower and as I get out I notice my whole washroom floor is full of hair. Like 2 feet deep worth of just hair. I muddle through the mess and head to my room to get dressed.

The second one was to Until the Day Is Done by REM. It's a short one. I'm on a beech walking and just enjoying the sunshine. I throw stones, chase of the birds, give the birds bread, sit down for a bit and people watch. Whatever I basically feel like doing. I see someone In the distance I might know. It's a girl. I run up but she vanishes. I look back from where I came from. Looks like as I was running towards her, I wrote a whole letter to someone with my feet in the sand. The whole beach is covered with cursive writing. I don't write like that, but It's in my style of writing. I'm curious. I look for the beginning of the letter but can't find it. It's ongoing. Slowly, the letter gets ruined and damaged. I can't read it anymore.

The last dream is to Dave Gahan's Kingdom. I'm standing on the side of a building right by a sidewalk. Looks like I'm hiding from someone or about to scare someone. I really don't know why I'm there. Just standing there. I look opposite of me. A door opens. It's leading down. I run into the door and run down the stairs. It looks like an underground parking lot. I'm walking around looking for another exit. Somewhere else to hide. I turn back to leave. The door shuts. I'm locked in. Running around looking for another exit. Can't find one. I then see an open window that can get through but I'll need a ladder to get up there. Try jumping and reaching for the edge of the window. Trying to grab on but I can't keep my grip. I fall.

I wake up.