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Thursday, May 21, 2009

the kids did good..

I'm not the biggest American Idol fan. However, this season, I did watch it a lot. It was a great season and last night's finale was no exception. Not really for the Idol's but the new format they used having music legends perform with the kids. In a way, the legends were putting them over giving them the OK to get into the rock'n'roll world of theirs. Imagine being in your 20's trying to break into the music scene and able to rock with such stars as Queen, Rod Stewart, Linoel Richie, Cyndi Lauper and even KISS. I wonder what the vibe was backstage having all these budding singers being in the same green room as cornerstones of the industry they want to get into? Would've loved to be there. It must have been magical. The highlight of the night was when early castoff and someone who I thought should have been in the final showdown, Allison Iraheta was able to rock out with Lauper doing her 80's classic Time After Time. It really showed me two things. Lauper still has it and Alison does have it. Besides the performances, they had some funny bits which were fast and entertaining. They kept true to the talent which is great. The Kids did well. And oh yeah, Kris won.