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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

exclusive: don't let d-sisive die

Good friend of the blog, D-Sisive is happy today. No, it's not his birthday but maybe even something better. His debut full length album, Let The Children Die hits stores today. We wanted to join D-Sisive in this spectacular moment in time so we virtually sat down with him yesterday and shot the shit. This is what he had to say.

Shane Fame Alexander: What's the story behind the title of Let The Children Die?

D-Sisive: This may be frustrating to some, but I'm not giving that away. It's up to you to figure it out. Sometimes you have to force your listeners to put on their thinking caps. Leave it open for interpretation. I'm deep like that, holmes!

SFA: What's the story behind the whole album?

D:The story is I wanted to make a classic album. An album with substance. An album with emotions. An album Canada can be proud of. An album I can be proud of. I hope I've accomplished that. We shall see.

Do you think I have?

SFA: From The Book to your Let Your Children Die, your rhymes have become more of a serious nature taking about your life and the passing of your parents. Was this a plan to have these records like this or was it more that you just decided these are the topics wanted to write about?

D: You're not a writer if you don't have anything to write about. It's such a literal statement, but it's true. Too many rappers wasting time. I did it myself. It gets to a point where it's not a challenge anymore. I've been writing punchlines and battle verses since I was 15. Sometimes I'll get the urge to just spit, but for the most part I want to write stories. Tell my story. It's more challenging to me. I want to paint pictures for listeners. Something they can take something from that's not just a laugh. I just want to tell my story. And hopefully have people listen when I tell them.

SFA: Asher Roth is coming to town. Would you want to play your freestyle track for him and see what he says? would you want to work with him?

D: I couldn't care less if he hears it or not. Nothing against dude. I'm just not a huge fan of his work. He can rhyme, his content isn't for me. The beat is brilliant, though. I'd definitely work with the producer.

SFA: You work with some dope artists on the album - espcially Guilty Simpson and Classified. How did you hook that up and what made you want to choose them specifically?

D: My moves are never calculated. I go with what feels right. I don't work with artists for the sake of working with them. The collaborations on the album all started with me writing to the beats first. Then thinking 'You know who would sound amazing on this?' Then I pursue and make it happen.

Guilty was a different story. A story that's as simple as 'I'm a huge fan and I NEED to work with him before I die.' Thankfully he was down and we ended up making one of, if not my best song. That's probably one of my only songs that I can listen to over and over again. Guilty Simpson in a genius. Listening to him reminds me of when I first heard Biggie. Mindblowing shit. He's going to be a legend.

Like This - D-Sisive feat Guilty Simpson

SFA: You're making some of the best punchlines in your whole career. Do you have a set person who want to talk about in a track or does the line just come up while writing the track?

D: Everything just flows. It depends on what I've been reading or watching. I wrote Veronica Vaughn the morning after I watched Mad Max. Hence the last verse. If you haven't seen Mad Max, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm also obsessed with Eastbound And Down. So I had to throw the Kenny Powers reference. I sometimes have a few lines in the vault, but I usually start fresh and whatever comes comes. My brain is an encyclopedia of useless information.

VeronicaVaughn: One Piece Of Ash - D-Sisive (freestyle)

SFA: What were the steps - as a Canadian Indie artist on making the album - from the idea to pitching it to Urbnet to production to the writing of it to the marketing of the album? I know you do a lot of the work yourself. Has it become easier since you first started out?

D: It's all a blur to me now. That was yesterday.

SFA: You have one of the better work ethics in the business..Any plans yet for a follow up album?

D: I'm already two songs into Vaudeville. I never stop writing and recording. Why take a break? Pointless.

SFA: What Canadian Hip Hop track you wish you appeared on?

D: Hmmmm. EZ On The Motion? Father Time? Check The O.R.? The Bartman? The list goes on...

EZ on the Motion - Ghetto Concept

SFA: Any upcoming shows? Anything to plug?

D: Release Party. May 7th at the El Mocambo. DL Incognito, Abdominal & The Obliques, Fundament, DJ Law, DJ Grouch, Dirtyman and myself. It's going to be insanity. Don'cha dare miss it! Billy Red Lyons Styles!