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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

power of mother..

I haven't wrote this much in a month. Ever. I'm proud. April was a really creative few weeks. It makes me think if I can keep it up. Keep up the good work. Continue the words flowing on the computer screen. Music inspires me. Spring always does that to me, though. Funny how Mother Nature can motivate you with just one gleam of the sun's power or one dash of warm wind. I love Mother Nature. She has power. The real power. Not the power that we all want with Money, and Cars, and artificial stuff, but the Power. The control. She's one mighty force. The force of those winds on the weekend almost made me want to stay home. Couldn't. Have to keep busy. Keep my mind off things. I don't know what I would do if I stayed home. I'd get too bored I would've gone crazy. Glad I made the travel. Traveling would be nice. Would like to take a little vacation sometime. Not too far. Even Windsor. A weekend away would be great. All I need. Just by myself. Able to explore. Shop, Spend, Save. Look around. Be a tourist. Take in the sights. Yeah. That would be groovy. I've been listening to tons of groovy old tracks lately. Funk, Soul, Oldies. They get me moving. Looking for a place. Did I already mention that? Nah. Don't think so. I am. Backhome. Down there. I miss it. A little apartment would be ideal. My Dad will stay there, too when he's in town. But it will be my place. Just mine. Finally. My arms are getting tired. My wrist hurts from typing. Geez. Been writing since 8am this morning. Almost a workday. No pay, though. Doesn't matter. I Love it. Tomorrow is May. Summer is almost here. Seasons change. I need change for the bus and coffee and Pop. Got to get going. Progress.