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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

perez, i get it...

If you don't know yet let me fill you in...

And then, Perez Hilton came back with the following..

Now, let me preface this whole thing by saying that I like Perez. Actually I go to his site regularly to check for blog material. Furthermore, I agree with him in his argument and where he stands. I believe in gay marriage. However, I think you're taking this a bit too far, Perez.

It seems this is all you're talking about this week and now on your Twitter page you are trying to justify your belief by getting celebrities backing your train of thought.

I think you should let ignorance rest by itself and continue with your life in more positive matters with smarter people who you can learn from instead of arguing with non-progressive minds who obviously aren't able to think logically.

I see you have passion in your statements. Which I respect. I see that you really care about what you are saying on your blog, on Twitter and even on Larry King. And i respect that, too. I see why you feel like you felt the need to ask the question on the show, but I think sometimes, you just did enough by asking the question.

It seems like you're basking in the glow of being right. No one likes someone who rubs it in too much. Now, Lay back and enjoy your win. Soon enough the ignorant people will grow up and understand where you're coming from and join you in The Fight.