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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

fame 15

Fifteen random thoughts..

This is my 109th post for the month. Yay.

Watching an intense episode of Law and Order:SVI. This show gets better and better every week. I wish I knew about it sooner.

Trying not to get into the whole Twitter fascination but everyday I learn more and more about the site that it becomes more and more cool. Must. Stop. Now.

One thing You'll never see me do is to type Twitter language when I'm not on Twitter. Never.

I want to learn. I want to start school.

I have to think positive. I know they'll be some hard days ahead, but I just have to stay strong. I don't want to go down that road I usually go down when something similar happens. It has to be different this time.

I wish It was over, though.

I'm worried about Paula Abdul's health. She seems to get wackier every week. And what's up with that dancing?

I'm loving some of the Hip Hop that's being released this year. I knew it'll be a good year for us.

I'm watching you, Stephanie Pratt.

Rainy days don't do it for me. Can't wait for the weekend.

I should take in some Blue Jay games this year. Who wants to join me?

That pizza was good today. Never thought organic oven baked pizza could be so good.

Mom makes a wicked sweet potato soup.

Gotta be positive. Always.