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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my art food dream

I had an art dream last night. Here's what I remember from it.

I'm with a girl I know in a very large kitchen making some type of dish. There's a bunch of tomatoes going around. Might be something Italian. Lasagna? Spaghetti? Not sure. We're having a good time together. Talking, laughing, throwing dead potato peals at each other. Just horsing around and enjoying each others company. We finish the dish and we pack it up. We go into her car and start to drive. Not sure where. She's driving. We go to what looks like an open community with lots of shops around. A lot like Kensington Market . We go into a backyard and there's a bunch of people there painting on a wall. Not with spray cans but with brushes and watercolor paint. I see some friends from high school. They're taking part in the art festival, too. I go up and talk to them. They give me some paint and we start to paint. I start to draw a bunch of clouds and a huge black K-Car. It looks pretty good. I look around and my friend is sitting alone. I keep her company and we start to eat our dish. She opens up the lid and we're not eating Lasagna or Spaghetti. It's Vegitable Meatloaf. We dig in. I'm also painting. I go to my high school buddy and give him a Five of Clubs I found in my pocket. I put it in his hand. It disappears.

I wake up.