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Sunday, April 26, 2009

fame 15

Celebrity Apprentice is not keeping my attention this week.

Upset that I can't catch the PPV tonight.

Cold. Warm. Hot. Rain. Hot. Cold. Cool. Hot. Cool. Rain. Thunder and Lightning. Storms. Warm. Hot. Rain. Cold. Warm. Hot...

I'm a slut for female Brit singers. Such a slut. Immediate love.

My pal sent me a site kinda like Fuck My Life. This one is about last night's text messages. Go here to check it out.

Feel like more chocolate. Don't usually like to eat too much sweet stuff, but tonight, I just have that craving. Chocolate. Good.

Blue Jays! Blue Jays! Blue Jays!

Got the PPV, finally. Thanks Justin.TV

I'm getting used to Mr. Beard.

I need more sponsors before I sit in a chair next month. Get at me for more information for leave a comment on here.

Spring cleaning went well. Sold some old CD's to Sunrise. Gave some old clothes away.

Spring is my favorite season.

Taylor was great on Elvis' show this week.

Sunday TV rules.

Sunday's rule, actually.