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Thursday, April 16, 2009

the electro rock dream

I've been trying to remember this dream all day. Finally. After some early dinner and watching the news, It popped back into my head. I remember last night when I came to (which will be obvious after you read about the ending of this dream), I knew I had to write it down today. It usually works. I would wake up and remember every bit of it but not today. I swore to myself that I would remember it. I did and before I forget it, again, I'll proceed.

I'm in a dark hallway sitting down smoking a cigarette and I have my legs crossed. I notice I have a scuff on my shoes. I try to get it off. I then notice that the shoes I'm wearing really high Doc Martin boots. Purple ones. With yellow laces. Purple shoes? Me? With yellow laces? This must be a dream. I get up to go the washroom. My hair is itching so I take off my hat. I then notice my hat is a 1970's trucker hat that says DISCO RULES in large purple lettering. I must've been whacked when I got dressed this morning, I'm thinking. I finally reach the main street and head to the closest pizza shop, variety store, coffee shop, anywhere so I can take a load off after taking a wizz. I see a coffee shop. I stop in. Looks like I'm on Danforth Avenue. Tons of Greek restaurants around. But I'm not there. In fact, Don't know where I am. I go to order a coffee and then ask for the keys to the washroom. Yeah, it's one of those places. I finish up in the washroom and then go sit down by myself at a corner table by the window. Spark up a smoke and read the paper. I open up what looks like a trendy local free mag and see that there's a free show a couple doors down. I decide to go. Nothing else to do. I finish up my coffee and then walk to the venue. I go in. Get a beer and do my rounds. Don't recognize anyone around. I'm alone with around 300 people looking alone. No one looks like they came with anyone. We're all alone. Some freaky electro rock is playing the background. Good think I didn't pay cover, I'm pondering while looking at some nice girls walking in. I decide that I'd most likely stay here for the night. There's no where else to go first off and secondly, the night might get better. Besides, there's beer here.

I'm trying to get into the mood being nice to everyone and sparking up conversations with people hanging at the bar. Not working. Everyone's either ignoring me or just saying a few more words and then going back standing by themselves. Odd. After my third beer I'm thinking that I might just have to look for another bar to finish my night off at. I then hear a voice coming form the stage. It's time for the main act. Don't remember what the band name was but everyone was screaming. I guess they have a huge following. I scatter to the front with my fresh new bottle of beer and think that the night might just be getting started. The lead singer then starts talking about how it was nice that the cult members brought in new members. I start to worry. Is this guy for real? I start to head back to the bar where the door is to make a quick exit. Slowly, I place my beer on the bar and then quickly head to the door. As soon as I placed my hand on the handle, I feel a hand on my shoulders. I give the unknown cult member a shove and dart out the door running down the street. After half a block I stop. Look behind me. The electro rockers are after me. I start running again. I dash down an ally. They follow me. I jump a fence and then up the street. They're right behind me. I find this little cove by an entrance to a apartment complex. I go towards it. I feel the wind of the cult members too close. I try to speed up. I feel they're approaching at a rapid speed. I reach for metal rod. They kick it from me. I see a chair. I throw it behind me. They jump it. I can't get away. I see that there's a clearing coming up with three ways to turn. I choose to turn left. Dead end. Nothing there. I jump, hoping that there's something there to catch me.

I wake up.