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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the dreams of last night

Here I go again. Had a couple crazy dreams last night which got me in and out of sleep. I love crazy dreams. It tells me that my subconsciousness is healthy.

The first one goes like this. I'm in a room getting ready to go on a beach. I'm waiting for someone in the washroom. Turns out to be a friend of mine. A good girlfriend. I think we're in Vegas or California or even maybe Miami. Not too sure but I do know that it's somewhere in North America - not like it's some glorious out of the way vacation destination. Anyway, we head outside and walk to the open bar. We both order drinks and then do the rounds. We're walking around until we find a place to put our things down. We then head to the pool. We're having fun. I go diving in and then come up for air. I loose my friend. Don't know where she is. I look around. I finally spot her at the other end of the pool. I'm racing to go get her. As I'm approaching her, I see someone that looks very familiar. I see her long blond hair but it's her mannerisms that remind me of someone. I finally clue in. It's Lauren Conrad! She's by the pool side bar, so I swim up to get a drink. I look over and see she's there alone. We say hello to each other. We start talking about the weather, the hotel service, just small talk. I then tell her if she wants to go inside for a quick snack. She says sure. We're on this patio eating fries and nachos. Enjoying each others company. She tells me that I should come out with her and her friends tonight. I tell her that I have to check with my friend, but it should be fine. We both finish eating and she tells me if I mind if I could follow her to her room so she can change. I tell her not at all. We get up and start to walk. We get over to the room and she's in the washroom. I'm waiting for a few minutes until I don't hear anything in the washroom. I knock on the door. No answer. I try to open the door. It's open. I look inside. She's gone. There's no window in the washroom. Just gone.

The second one wasn't too exciting, unfortunately. I'm in bed. About to go to sleep doing nothing. Just laying there looking at the ceiling. Listening to the radio about the latest news. I look around and realize it's not my room. Don't know where I am. Looking around and notice that my stuff is all there but it's not the room I have now. I sit up wondering where I am. I can peak through the window and see that I'm not on my block. I'm looking at a major city street. It looks like I'm downtown. I hear buses. I hear noise. I hear people walking down the street. I try to get up but I'm too tired. I look at the ceiling and the dots are turning blue and green and turning in circles. I look at the wall. The pictures on the wall are coming alive moving around the room. My jackets are dancing. Tripped out, I rub my eyes really hard and everything stops.

I wake up.