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Monday, April 27, 2009

the definitive humble and fred interview

The wacky twosome are going to reunite for one day only. Humble Howard and Fred Patterson who split ways a few years ago will be joining forces again to host their classic Podcast of Memories on May 2. To promote the private broadcast, they hooked up with Mike Boon for the Definitive Humble and Fred Interview. I would've posted the full interview on here, but it's way too long.

I've known Humble since his first trip over to 99 St Clair West when he fronted the Mix morning run - actually he was the first person to ever say Mix99.9 on the air. And I was introduced to Fred 1998 when Howard went back to his old stomping grounds and joined Fred again for another go at silliness. Both great entertainers and talent. Great guys and I'm happy that they're both doing really well. For the full interview from Boon, go here.