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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my grandmaster flash dream

I knew I couldn't wait to post this dream. I had this one last night. It was pretty odd but cool at the same time.

I'm walking around in this building and seeing all these people from the past and from now. Old friends, new friends. Old co-workers, new co-workers. Old schoolmates and new acquaintances. I'm at school during a class but it seems like we're on break, because everyone is talking to each other and the teacher is taking questions from random students. I'm talking to a couple of old pals when I think of something. I start to walk very fast around the school. Walking, running at times waving hello to everyone. Then I stop and talk to someone. I get a pile of papers from him. I look down and I have a few hundred flyers in my hand. I start handing them out. I then go downstairs. It's a pool hall slash cafe type place. Everyone is eating or studying or playing billiards or video games. Pretty cool hangout, I think. I look over to see this huge group of people around this one person. I walk through the crowd and get in the middle of it.

It's GrandMaster Flash!

I go into my pocket and out comes my camera. I ask his security guard to take our picture. We're posing in that classic b-boy pose. Dope, I'm thinking. Then we take another one when Grandmaster says to me, "Sorry, man. My hands still have wet paint on them. I was bombing earlier.". I say "It's alright, man". We're both looking down looking at our hands when the flash goes off.

I wake up.