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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

dear blog..happy one year anniversary

Dear Blog.

Happy Anniversary, darling. It's been a very emotional, sad, happy, funny and romantic year since last February 18th, huh. We've been through a lot together in the past twelve months. All along you've been my rock. My adviser. My inspiration. My cheerleader and even my comedian. Thanks for being there, Ms. Blog. You sure paid off more than that doc I was visiting last year at this time. You held my hand for 97 days supporting me and being there when I needed to vent. You comforted me when I when I lost them but you also celebrated with me when I won.

The thing I love the most of you and our relationship for the past twelve months is how we've grown recently. Progressed into something bigger and in my opinon better. We've grown wiser. I guess it comes with age, right? We're looking for more knowledge from the world while still having fun and also focusing on the self when need be.

We're going to continue to grow, experience new things and have fun also. This is the first of many anniversary notes to come.

Thanks again for being there.