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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

what are you going to watch tonight?

I'm not much of a television person anymore. I usually fall asleep when trying to watch a show. There's only a few shows that I can still stay awake for. Flashpoint, Life, and most recently Law and Order (yeah, I know I'm pretty late on this one). However, tonight should be pretty interesting to see who gets the bigger numbers. Walters interview with Swayze or the People's Choice Awards.

Which one will you be watching? Here's a preview of both.

Walters Interview

People Choice Awards

I'm thinking I'm going to do both but tune in to watch the full interview once it comes on at 10. On another note, 20/20 is also on, tonight. Get those snack ready and get some clean covers from the closet to curl up on the couch..