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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

299 then and now

Circa 1920s

Circa 2000s

From Wiki

The five-storey building was originally constructed as the headquarters of the Methodist Church of Canada in 1913 by Burke, Horwood and White. The Methodists joined with two other denominations to form the United Church of Canada in 1925. The building served as the United Church's headquarters until 1959. By this time the Ryerson Press, originally the publishing arm of the Methodist Church, had grown to occupy the entire building. The building was purchased by CHUM in 1985, and was re-opened in May 1987 as the new headquarters for the company and its various outlets. (Citytv Toronto's previous studio was located at 99 Queen St. East.)

The building's east wall is decorated with an actual older style Citytv news truck seemingly bursting out of the building. The front tires of the truck can be seen spinning from time to time. CTVglobemedia has decided to retain the truck along with the Citytv signage at the front of the building while Citytv Toronto is still based at the building; however, the old CityPulse Live-Eye decal on the vehicle has been overhauled with the CP24 Breaking News decal.