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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

rip ted rogers

He's for sure someone you thought who would live forever. Ted Rogers dead at 75. He'll be deeply missed and fondly remembered.

From CP24.com

He was, like so many people, a contradiction in terms, capable of incredible humour and stubborn will. He was a man who watched where his money went, but was generous with it, too, giving away millions. He was a risk taker and a Conservative. And he was a businessman who worked relentlessly yet cared passionately about his family.

Ted Rogers, who died early Tuesday morning with that family by his bedside, was all those things and more, a man who above all, loved the art of the deal and being first with the next big thing, guessing right more often than not about the technology to come.

He was 75, and packed a lot into those seven and a half decades.

Rogers died as one of the richest men in North America, with an estimated worth of $7 billion. But there was little reason to believe he would have achieved it.

He was born into a well known family, after his father created the world's first batteryless radio. But when Ted Rogers Sr. died suddenly at just 38, the young son who shared his name was left heartbroken and devastated. His mother never let him forget the legacy, which he often felt was taken away from the family through legal means.