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Monday, December 29, 2008


It's always around you this time of year. Today I was home sick so It was like the subject was coming from ghosts running around my head like how ghosts do in old cartoons. It was a subject during a show on CFRB, then it was part of a talk show I wasn't really paying attention to, and now I just saw the subject being posted on my pal's website. I've given in like an alcoholic going back to the booze after a few AA meetings.

Anyway. What would I like to do in 2009? What would I like to quit? Here's some of the stuff that came to mind - most inspired by Ryan.

Quit Smoking. Got the book from Allan Carr last Christmas. Read it. Quit. Started again. Read the book again. Quit again. Sparked right back up again. This time though, it should be forever. I think I'm done. It's been a crazy and fun 12 years, Mr Smoke, but I think this year you'll be seeing your last ashtray.

Drinking. I'm going to stop again. Last year I quit for 97 days. Not too sure If this is going to be for good, But I just know I need another break. Can I break the 97 day record? I hope so. It's not that I'm tired of beer or mixed drinks or late night shots, but I think it's about time to cleanse myself. Recenter myself and spend more time creating and innovating rather than spending money and getting drunk. We'll see.

Start volunteering. Working for free and giving back to the world. I've been thinking about this ever since I started to post charity news on the site. I've always been interested in War Child. Same with other music meets kid type of charities. I would dig helping out at shows, speaking to the children. Writing press packages. Whatever. I just feel like I'm comfortable enough now financially that I can afford to spend some free time giving back.

Being more creative. Start working on that damn book I've been thinking about forever. I know what it'll be about. I know how the forward will go. It's just getting down and putting the pen to the paper.

Let's Do It.