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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the old radio shows..

Had a real good holiday. Went up to the sisters' twice to have Christmas Eve Dinner and also the following day to open gifts. On the way there on Wednesday afternoon, My Dad and I were lucky enough to catch the old radio shows that 640 were playing. Theater of the Mind radio. From what I remember catching, they played A Date with Judy, a couple of Amos and Andy skits, and It's A Wonderful Life. Amazing. Thinking that these were produced and performed with the actors just in front of the microphone with sound effects creating the mental vision for the listener, makes me miss that time of radio. Not like I'm that old to remember those times of radio but I do have the tapes. The tapes that inspired me to get into radio. The tapes that inspired my radio heroes to get into radio and made them the landmarks on the Toronto radio scene they are today.

I guess it's appropriate that they play the old time radio shows around Christmas time. It's around the holidays that most associate with the younger days when they curl up around the fire and have a story told to them - by their mother, father, grandparents or by the good old radio machine. They should do it more often. I think CFRB used to do Theater of the Mind radio a couple of years ago. Don't know what happened. However, they do have Rick Hodges' Comedy Hour every Sunday at 10pm which I'm starting to really enjoy.

Thanks for the memories, 640. Thanks for making this Christmas even more special. Dad thanks you, too.