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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

marilyn monroe murdered by bobby?

I was half asleep the other early morning when I heard this on the radio. Thought I was having one of my odd dreams. I just had to confirm this by waking up and doing a quick search. Did Bobby Kennedy's thugs shoot the blondbomshell? It looks like. With new findings from some top secret documents that were just released by the FBI and a new book by Joe DiMaggio's niece and Monroe pal, June DiMaggio. In Marilyn, Joe and Me it states;

"They were planning to retie the knot on August 8, the day that would instead be her funeral. Marilyn was very happy and excited to be marrying Joe again. She was even thinking of domestic comforts and bought a set of dishes for their new love nest.

"When I saw her that fateful day, she went on and on about her new life and her plans for the future. She had a contract to fulfill, but she was hoping to cut back to perhaps a movie a year so that she could finally begin to enjoy life with her own family, in her own cozy home.

"On the night that she was murdered," DiMaggio relates, "the police were trying to locate Joe to tell him that she'd been found dead. When they arrived at my door that night between 11 p.m. and midnight, I was in shock. I didn't know where Joe was for sure, so I called to ask Mother. I remember thinking that he might be in San Francisco. When she picked up the phone she was sobbing uncontrollably.

"She already knew.

So, who was Marilyn's killer?

DiMaggio, whose bright eyes belie her strength and feistiness, is stalwart in her belief. She says her mother never told her the name, because she was desperately afraid for her family. "Only Mother knew, and she never confided in Joe or anyone else. He kept asking her, 'Won't you tell me now, Lee?' And she just said, 'No, I want my family to live.'

"Even after the FBI traced that last call that Marilyn made to Mother, not even the country's G-men could make inroads with her. As she told me directly and in no uncertain terms, she wouldn't tell anything to the FBI or to another living soul."

But then there's an interview co-author Mary Jane Popp happened upon, which breathes life into DiMaggio's account. Popp interviewed Alan Kimble "Kim" Fahey, author of "Hollywood Unlisted," in which he tells hair-raising stories of the 35 years that he worked as a telephone repairman in the land of stars and stories, when he "kept his ears open and his mouth shut."

You can read more about the new book here. And I thought it was all a dream.