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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

school reunion dream

I had a dream last night that was odd and reminded me of the November Rain video. It starts off with getting ready for some type of occasion. I'm in this little white house. I know a bunch of people there. I soon clue in it has something to do with High School. It's my high school reunion. I look outside. We're by a park in Richmond Hill where my friends and I spent a lot of time at. It's a beautiful day. Sunny, no clouds in sight. Just great weather for a day outside munching down on sandwiches and catching up with old pals. I go outside to have a quick smoke and say Hi to an old classmate. I turn around and everyone is across the street ready to take a picture. Class picture? Group picture? Don't know. Must be over 200 people there ready to strike a pose. I finish my smoke and my pal and I cross the street and get into position.

It starts to rain.

Everything is destroyed. Everyone's wet in their Sunday best. Food is blowing away. Mud is flying everywhere hitting people in their face. It's a disaster.

I wake up.