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Monday, October 13, 2008

my first time live blogging..

Happy Holidsay Monday, kids. Today for the first time I'm going to try live blogging. It's a concept that's new and pretty cool. It's basically me blogging about everything I'm going to be doing today in real time. Should be neat. Hopefully, I'm going to do some cool stuff that would make it entertain to read about. Maybe not. So far, I'm just planning on hanging around the house and write and maybe some painting and of course eat more turkey. Is that entertaining for you? Hope so.

- Just starting my live blogging piece. The nephew just went up stairs with the sister, bro-in-law and the moms. I think they'll be here for a while. Don't know. No one tells me anything around here.

- About to have some breakfast, ok. Maybe more like Brunch and start my daily internet morning rounds. Check out my Facebook, The Sowny Board for radio stuff, other blogs for some show prep or to spark an idea on what I'll post today and of course, respond to some e-mails.

- Just tuned into Jim Richards on CFRB. They're talking about the election. Last poll till tomorrow. I miss being able to listen to mid-day radio especially to Richards. Brunch almost done.

11:51 - Finished a post about the election and turkey dinner. Check it out here

- Posted the video for Frankmusik's 3 Little Words which reminded me of a classic 80s flick. Check out the new video here.

- Tuned into Days Of Our Lives. It's been a long while.

- Checking out more Frankmusik's material. Check out this video for In Step.

- A favorite brit pop band doing a track sounding like another favorite band of mine? You decide here.

- I've been doing this live blogging thing for just over an hour now. It's pretty fun, actually. Hope you're enjoying the behind the scenes action. Getting hungry, again.

- I need the washer and dryer. Bah. Should've kept with my schedule and did my laundry yesterday like I do every week. Oh well.

- Mom made me a turkey sandwich with gravy. Going outside and have a picnic with my nephew.

- Nephew is sleeping. The messy turkey meal was great. Back to the grill while watching the After Show. Nap soon?

- Just watching Audrina on Ellen. Looking Good. Ok, Nap time. I'll check in soon.

3:46 - Just woke up. Good nap. Seemed like it was forever. Felt like a mid day summers nap. Nice.

- Was about to get something to eat. Another weird turkey combo made up. This time was it was tomato and turkey. Kept it simple. Food.

- I don't lift up kids. Don't know why but I just don't. Afraid to drop them, I guess. Anyway, Just held my nephew for the first time. Usually I don't but today, I just couldn't deny that little face of his. Babies. Felt good. I took him around the house for a a few minutes until he wanted to go back to Grandma.

4:44 - Reading about the ROM's Giant Sleepover night coming up next month. Pretty cool concept but it's open from people aged 5 and over. I think it would be cooler if they would have a 19 plus version of the event. I have a feeling that it would be too noisy and full of little tots scared of the boogie man attacking them. Too bad.

5:04 - Saw the video footage of Razor Ramon beating up a comedian after he talked about Owen Hart. Crazy.

- Shut up Heidi.

5:35 - Dinner Time. Mom's spaghetti.

- Just held my nephew for the second time. For this, I'm thankful.

- Laundry time. First set already washing. Finally.

- Was thinking about someone. A girl. Thought of this track. Had to post it. It's Hold u by Masta Ace and Jean Grae.

- Tomorrow this time, I'll be looking forward to my last break at work. I'm thankful for long weekends.

- Stumped on what to do next. Chill and watch TV till Raw and The Hills? Do more writing? Eat more? Fold? It's been a productive day.

- Apple Strudel with ice cream. Way to top off a great Thanksgiving Dinner. All three days worth of them. For this too, I am thankful.

- I'm going to wrap this thing up, now. Just about to call it a day. About to curl in front of the tele and watch my Monday shows. This was fun. We should do it again. Thanks for reading, guys. And yeah I'm thankful for you and this page.