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Sunday, October 5, 2008

the money dream..

Yet another dream a couple of nights ago that got me thinking if money is coming my way. Well, more money. Unexpected free money. You know, the best kind of money. The reason for this is because of this dream I had. Here's how it went down.

I'm at an old friends house. She just came back from overseas and we're just hanging out in the living room watching TV, eating, catching up. Normal stuff. She gets a call. She has to go pick up her mother. From work? The mall? Don't know. Whatever. She leaves and I'm there alone on the couch in the living room still eating and watching TV. Her Dad comes home. Sees me there and we start chatting. I guess he gets the wrong idea and thinks I'm seeing his daughter. He puts his hands in his pocket and pulls out his wallet. He tells me to get something nice for his daughter. I'm trying to tell him that we're just friends and that he shouldn't give me all his money. All of a sudden there's 50's, and 100 bills flying towards me like in a windstorm while her Dad is just throwing me the dough. I rush to pick up all the fallen notes from the ground and pull out my wallet. I'm trying to pocket the thousands before anyone else comes in. Especially her. I look outside and a car pulls up. It's my friend with her mom. I rush into the washroom and hide the rest of the cash.

I wake up.