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Monday, September 22, 2008

train station dream

The dream went like this. I'm sitting by myself in a busy train station. Kinda looked like Union Station here in Toronto. Seems like rush hour. People from every direction walking, running, jogging, getting lost, walking slowly. Crying. Saying bye to loved ones. Me? Just sitting on a bench. No bag. Nothing. Just myself. There. I see a bunch of people from my past and from now. New friends. Old acquaintances. New acquaintances. They're all rushing by saying hello, nodding or just not acknowledging me. Feels like everyone is doing something while I'm not. But I'm busy. I get up and I start walking at a real fast pace as if I was on a floor escalator. I'm writing while walking. I pull out my headphones from no where and start talking into them. No mic. Nothing. I just talking as If I'm talking to myself. Suddenly there's no one around. Just me moving. I get exhausted. My head hurts. I sit down again alone on a bench on the other side of the train station. My headphones disappear and it's just me listening to the hum of silence.

I wake up.