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Monday, August 4, 2008

the wackness..

A pal sent me a link to watch The Wackness online. It's too bad because I would've loved to have seen this movie in the theaters. It's would've been better with more people around bumping like me to the soundtrack which was made up of 1990 Hip Hop classics.

Based in 1994 Manhattan, The Wackness is about a confused and misunderstood teenage Hip Hop head drug dealer who is looking to be excepted in world where he knows a lot of people but feels like he has no friends. Think Good Will Hunting.

Star Josh Peck does a wonderful job playing the troubled teen and his scenes with his new homeboy slash shrink, Ben "Dr Squires" Kingsley showed a lot of maturity.

Director Jonathan Lavine takes it back to the Hip Hop scene in '94 really well which makes you want to go back to that time and remember when it was just after Kurt's death and Biggie just released Ready To Die. Pagers were the dealers way of communication and Mayor Giuliani was ruling NYC.

The movie reminded me of Good Will Hunting and Kids. A soul searching powerful hip rocker which was based on drug deals, music and beer all the while looking for the meaning of self in a very hot summer right after high school graduation.

If you want to take a trip back to the 90's, hear a dope soundtrack and see a very good growing of age movie, check out The Wackness. Do me a favor, though. See it in the theaters.

The Wackness gets 8.5/10 spray cans.