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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

moving on..

I wasn't that kid who lived in the same house all my life only to leave it to start my own life, but can always return to the old white picket fence on holidays to visit old neighborhood pals. I moved around. Never at a home for more than 5 years. It was just the way my family was. We were moving on up ever since my early childhood years living on the boarder between Scarborough and North York. However, for the past seven years, I lived in the same house. I have many memories here. I realized how many years I've been here the other day when it hit me that this is the last week I'll be sitting in the same bedroom for almost a decade. I'm moving to Newmarket on the weekend, and I never knew how Big of a move it'll be.

One thing I learned over the years thought staring at the four walls covered with old vinyls, hats and paintings, were that This too shall pass and eventually I'll just look back at it as just a good memory that has made me stronger. This is how I'm going to take this experience. I'm going to take my years at the edge of Richmond Hill as times where I was able to grow into the guy I am today and able to bring it with me to the New house and in a way, new life.

I'll miss the hood. I'll miss the long walk homes at night sitting in the park, I'll miss the neighbors, I'll miss the house - but I know it'll be here to visit and that memories never move away.

I hear that a new family will be moving in very soon. Hopefully, they'll just learn as much as I did here. To grow with and learn from.