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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

dreaming a little dream...

I had a dream last night that was enjoyable. One of those dreams that you wish it never ended and when you wake up you want to go back to sleep and go right back to that spot where you left off at. Of course, it didn't happen, but it was worth the try.

The dream was set in the 50's. I was working at a a drive-in burger joint. The ones that had the waitress' on roller skates skating around from car to car carrying trays and wearing glasses like Buddy Holly. I was dressed like The Fonz and was hanging around with some guys - who I guess were the cool kids, since all the girls were hanging around us. There was one, though that caught my eye. She was taller than me, brown curly hair, thin, had style and had cute freckles around her nose that seem to flirt with me when she was looking at me. We were hanging around with each other a lot and were talking for most of the time. Not too sure if we were "going steady" but we knew each other, for sure. She orders a pop and I pay for it. She laughs. We both laugh. Can't remember what we were talking about but it was intense. It seems like we were ignoring the whole crowd. She asks me to go with her to the back of the restaurant. We're in the kitchen when she sits on my lap and she starts to talk about leaving for university. I get upset but tell her that it'll be fine and we'll keep in contact. I guess we were going out or maybe just really good friends. Don't know. Doesn't really matter. Anyway, she walks off and goes to the washroom. I get up and walk back outside. I take off in this nice baby-blue car. Don't know the kind of car, but it was a convertible and really nice. If I lived in the 50's, I for sure would want one of those cars. Yeah. That would be groovy. But yeah, back to the dream. It's later in the night. I see her. Her bags are packed. She looks at me from a distance and walks away. I stand there. Middle of the street with nothing around. Alone.