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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

one of those other dreams..

I had another reoccurring dream last night. I woke up thinking that there were a bunch of people looking at me. Weird how when the lights are off, bodies can be made with clothes hung over the bed and shadows on the wall. I started to yell people's names see if they were really there. When they didn't answer, I wondered where they went. I guess I was still half asleep. When I came to, the whole thing made sense, once again and realized that I was again, dreaming and that I was safe at home with no one around.

I then had another dream. I'm in a room with two old friends from high school. We're talking to a girl. They're checking her out. She's eating this huge slice of pizza and just standing there. My friends are dressing her as if she's a huge celebrity and they're her stylists. They're dressing her in all white. White floral gown, white high heels, and even a huge white sun hat. They're looking at her and they tell her to change. She undresses' when I turn around to take a drink. I'm not doing too much there. Just standing around. The next thing I know, she's lying on the floor. Sleeping. My friends disappear. I leave the room to only find another girl getting dressed in white. My friends aren't there. We're alone. She asks me if she looks nice, I told her she looks nice. All girls look nice in white, I tell her. I wake up.