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Sunday, June 8, 2008

feminest drop for rihanna?

R&B singer Rihanna is thinking about doing a feminist album with two of UK's finest voices. For her next album, the young starlet would like to join forces with Amy Winehouse and Duffy to make up a dream team of female singers. "How amazing would that be?" she revealed to BBC. "We've all got three different voices, it would be brilliant. Now that would be a feminist anthem". She continues, "I love Amy. I think she's great, so unique. I love her album. And I also love what Duffy is doing, she's brilliant, as well."

When asked on who would produce the groundbreaking release, she stated that "I love Mark Ronson. We've talked about doing something together on my next album".

This album - if it does happen, would be a very interesting one and I think would gain new ears for all the artists involved.

Breaking: Bad news. Looks like this project won't happen if Rihanna sees the latest video that has been released by a Brit tabloid that shows Amy Winehouse singing a racist chant at home while on heroin. Story is still developing. Who knows what will happen now. To see the video, go here.