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Sunday, June 15, 2008

dreams on a couch..

I went away for the weekend for Father's Day and my Dad's birthday. Spent last night in Michigan at my Dad's. When I lived there almost a decade ago, I spent many nights on the multi-colored navy blue, red and white cotton couch. Last night wasn't too different. Perched in front of the television watching Traffic I soon opted to turn of the tube and get to sleep. With my favorite pillow under my head, I knew I would be in for a good night's sleep after one busy day.

I had a pretty good sleep but very weird dreams. Seems like I had a bunch of them all together rolled up as one huge subconscience slumber party for various parts of my ongoing mind.

I'll try to tell you about one, now as well as I can. Sorry if they seem jumbled up, but this is how I remember them. I'm at school. I'm going to take a test. I'm wondering through the hallways saying hello to everyone I see. I ran through one hall yelling to get a teachers attention. She goes into a classroom and shuts the door behind her. I can't get it. I end up walking some more around the school. I enter the washroom which is shared with the lower school kids. Big stalls. Small stalls. High schooler lockers and small lockers for the little guys. I go the washroom and then leave to head outside. I join a bunch of people in a circle talking. I light a smoke and hear people talking. I keep quiet even though they're talking to me. I don't know why I'm not talking. I'm then in a room smoking something. Don't know what. Pot? Cigarettes? Crack? No clue. It's a dark room. I see a couple of my friends there. It looks like an after party setting. Early morning in a shady part of town. I see my cousins. They're dancing. I'm then in a park and I'm taking photos of a baby sitting in a carriage alone. No one is around. I remember having this dream before - right before my niece was born. What could this mean?

Could another baby be on its way? Are my little niece and/or nephew in trouble? What's going on? It's the most dreams I had in one dream for as long as I can remember. They all had some kind of common thread to connect them all together.

I woke up to what seemed like a huge thunder strike hitting my Dad's place. It started to pour. Tried to head back to bed, but for the rest of the night, I ended up tossing and turning, wondering what kind of thoughts must've been going through my mind for me to dream what I did. Was it a reflection of the busy day I had? I wonder. It kept me on my toes while curled up listening to the storm hit Detroit.